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Praise for Single Handed


Tibor Rubin's storyis unbelievable, fantastic....and all true. This is the most exciting and riveting war memoir you will ever read.

                     - -Colonel Jack Jacobs, U.S. Army, Ret. NBC news commentator, Medal of Honor recipient.



Captivating from page one, Single Handed  is an epic survival story layered with meaning and told with ferocity and honesty. Author Daniel M. Cohen details the life of Medal of Honor recipient Corporal Tibor Rubin, an unlikely hero who embodied faith, charity, and valor in the most horrific of conditions. Rubin's life story offers a narrative of the truly extraordinary. It is vastly important in its telling, finally uncovered like a long lost gemstone.

--Marcus Brotherton, bestselling author of Shifty's War.


Daniel Cohen has captured the essence of unblemished character and raw courage during the Holocaust and the Korean War, demonstrating that heroism outlasts prejudice. We are in Tibor "Teddy" Rubin's debt for his distinguished service under the most challenging conditions. We are in Cohen's debt for making Rubin's story accessible to the American public. 

                                                            --Cole C Kingseed, author of  Conversations with Major Dick Winters


All American heroes are not homegrown. Meet Tibor Rubin, a Hungarian Jew who survives the hell of a Nazi death camp, emigrates to America, joins the U. S. Army where, despite virulent anti-semitism, he serves in the Korean War, earning the Congressional Medal of Honor for his selfless valor in defense of his comrades and his adopted nation. A real page-turner.

                                        --Larry Alexander, bestselling author of Biggest Brother and co-author of A Higher Call





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